Monday, April 11, 2011

ouch, Finally a number larger than "Notional Value of Derivitives

INES Disclosed today, what we have suspected for a long time, massive releases of radiation.

Up to 10,000 Terabequerels (Tera-Bq )of radioactive material per hour "at some point" after the massive quake.

This doesnt sound that bad...until you know that Tera as a prefix means trillion

Up to 10,000 trillion radioactive "units" per hour.

This bring Fukushima up to Chernobyl in terms at least of the Level 7 rating.   We knew this for a long time already.

I put together this resource for understanding radiation units, it will help if you have any interest.
I have to be out the rest of day, no time to elaborate.

Question of the day...with this release, was it just leaking water and steam, or did the Blob get out of the box, and if so, where is the Blob (s). 

It appears the Japanese limits for I131 in drinking water is 100 Bq per liter, up to 300 for Adults.

I was able to find Potassium Iodine on Amazon 2 weeks ago.


  1. 10 quadrillion bequerels per hour, eh? Yikes, WTF is a bequerel?!

    At least they were able to put it into perspective - Now confirmed as bad as Chernobyl.

    I expect it to be several times worse before we are past the peak.

  2. The tragedy of this won't really be fully apparent for years, too. And of course, no one will be held accountable. 'Act of God,' and lousy maintenance and inspection. It will be God's fault.

  3. too bad for God, why doesn't Satan get even play....Act of Satan

  4. Check the link to downloadable spreadsheet, really valuable stuff methinks if you want to understand the rhetoric.

  5. Ha ha ha...good point, Steve!


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