Monday, May 30, 2011

SPY Killer

What would you think about making $35,000 per $100,000 of trading account?   AND only having to run 17 trades per year, and it is always buy on close or sell at open, with plenty of warning.

It "ain't cheap" at $100 per month,  but if you think about it maybe that is cheap.
That would beat the heck out of being a slave to a terminal  for 200 days a year.

Below is from Breakpoint Trades

You are getting access to a "Professional Level" System:
The SPY system that you are subscribing to is a professional level system that you have access to for pennies on the dollar. We were advised NOT to offer this system at Breakpoint Trades by some of my friends in the hedge fund business who advised us to only make it available to professional traders and hedge funds. However, it has always been a goal of ours to give members of BPT access to a trading system like this which trades the S&P 500 and does 12 - 20 trades a year!

Here is the bad part....they are fully subscribed for the SPY system, although general membership is open.  I do correspond directly with the operators of BPT, so if I get any hints of them opening up the SPY system to new membership, I will post here.

Here is BPT's SPY description--

The general membership can make you a bunch of money.   My "day job" has made it pretty impossible to "day trade", but I have jumped onto a few individual stock watchlist ideas, some of my own, like VALE, but also just grabbing some from the BPT watchlists has been really effective also.  

Just last week, I did a 3 day trade from the BPT Trade Ideas that netted over $1200 in profits, 10% in 3 days.   See here--

Some of these trade ideas are pretty illiquid, so you kind of have to be watchful, without running too tight of stops, as few things are as destructive to profits that overly tight stops.

BUT -- If you are going to join up, please return here to Hawaii Trading and use the signup link on the upper left.    They give me credits, and that helps, since the normal cost is $100 per month.  If you sign up using this link, it doesn't cost you anymore, and it does help defray one of my costs.  

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