Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Oughtta know Jack

About the Author

Jack Gamble

An engineer working in the nuclear industry proudly producing safe, clean, and reliable electricity. After an antinuclear indoctrination in college, he awoke in the real world to realize that nuclear energy holds the key to energy independence, economic growth, environmental stewardship, and national security. Be sure to follow @Fissionary on Twitter.

Look at the name....Gamble.    Look at the ego "Proudly"

Look at the lies...intentional or not, there they stand in plain view.

I am tired of reporting this stuff, you are tired of reading it.   It is our reality however.   And the next few generations, or all of them.   Our DNA is what makes us human, and all our animals that we are essentially caretakers of.   That is at risk, all of it.    So please, don't put your head in the sand.   All is not good in the land of Oz, and the magic cheap energy that can be so expensive.

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