Monday, February 11, 2013

GDX bottom at 50% Fibonacci? New moon

Triple support at the 50% Fibo from the 2008 lows to the 2011 highs

It is possible this is the bottom, but I think it will overthrow the 50 a bit, the drop in silver and gold and GDX has not resulted in a "disgust" of PM's yet, that I can tell.   

The powers that be want a high volume throw up of disgust and heavy losses before they run money back in.   

The moon has not been in sync with the market for quite a few months...thats how it work, not in sync, then very in sync, but its a fools game to "pick" by putting precious capital at risk, when the correlation will start again. New moons can mark highs or lows, somewhat more often highs though.

Funny stuff, on a "Dogs are smarter than you think" blog.

On some blogs I can he resign if there is no one to "accept the resignation".    Sheesh, talk about nanny state thinking.   The Poly Ticks play this game too with "accepting a resignation" as a power figure could "not accept" a resignation.     It is all part of the illusion that they got it all under control.

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