Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Checklist for a Government in Terminal Decline

2 REQUESTS: 1) Read and follow picture above.   2) Those in European countries, Australia, new Zealand, China, Japan, fill out the attached spreadsheet and email it back to me with the specifics of your country.

This one from Simon Black, he writes some good stuff, with the caveat that you always know he will be promoting an idea or a product sale. So take it with a grain of salt. Here he is talking about Argentina, but you can also see how Europe and America are following the same path. I would like to believe that we won't be as bad as Argentina, but only "half as bad" would still be really bad. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the case of fiat currency, governments in terminal decline resort to a very limited, highly predictable playbook in which they try to control... everything... imposing capital controls, exchange controls, wage controls, price controls, trade controls, border controls, and sometimes even people controls.

These tactics have been used since the ancient Sumerians.

This time is not different.

 Today, Argentina presents the most clear-cut example. Here the 'mafiocracy' unites organized crime, big business, and politicians to plunder wealth from Argentine citizens. Just since 2010, President Cristina Fernandez has--   Refer to handy checklist below, you can even download the spreadsheet, add your own country, and post to your bulletin board for a play by play review of status.

Download the Excel sheet here, add you own country and send it back to me
stock {at}

Excel Checklist for Countries in Terminal Decline

Embedded Spreadsheet below

 The US is rapidly printing its currency into oblivion, and confidence is eroding quickly. Russia just purchased an historic amount of gold, choosing real assets over more US dollar reserves. It would be foolish to think the same things can't happen in the West. And even if it never happens, would you be any worse off for taking some of these basic steps?

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