Sunday, August 28, 2011

Euro Short based on a nice trendline

Took this Euro short. Weirdest Sunday open, the Euro opened almost exactly where it closed on Friday. Never seen that before, almost always some type of gap. It is exactly at a nifty trendline, check the chart, esp, the lower chart closely.

In a way I am playing "all the same bet", in my prior posts, I have detailed
Gold Short,
as well as US indices
"Channel of Doom from 2003 now currently fully in play", and
"Egg of Doom".

Please scroll down for those.  And below is the NYSI Summation index, indicating a long equities, possibly, but crossover has not happened, it can flounder around on the bottom for quite some time.

As a minor Slice of Life I notice that as a small business, we continue to get lots of marketing calls, at least 10 per week for people marketing, well, marketing itself. People selling sales. And they are getting more aggressive, more smooth, more relaxed, more apathetic. A combination of all of those things. People are really getting beat up on the financial and business front, and it is showing.

Then there are another 10 emails I get each week, they are from girls in China named "Jenny" or "Cherry" selling some Chinese products. Funny that all the girls in China are name Jenny or Cherry, LOL.

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  1. sort of loafing around today, nothing new going on.
    i have an hour and half video on japan special---i'll post the link, next week.

  2. i managed to predict the very bottom of SLX on friday---woot...+5% , calls +60%

  3. You made or you found, why wait?

  4. I think I found your secret, H&S measured move, posted on new post
    We like this stuff---before it happens Z!


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