Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dax breakout completed, Bridge over the river Denial

I have Cable long, odd though it did not follow NDX up on the second push up today.

German Index DAX is breaking out from a 34% butt whooping.    This could mean the problems in Europe have been kicked down the can for now.  PS they won't tell us first.

When they tell us, then HBB will take the markets down to take money from those who then went long.

 Elliot offered up a free video, narrated by Daddy P himself.   It was really good, it set the stage for a P3 event, and a decline in all asset prices into 2016.  
 PANL -- looks great for a long


  1. Very nice CPC chart!

    Hope you've been making the rounds with that one!

  2. Thanks, interesting how the system is setup so that people are exactly wrong, most of the time.


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