Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cable on an important Channel Line --Swat Down? Bernoulli

These Bernoulli Channels really contain the movements and show changes in trend.   Also, many people look for double tops (part of the DRTV pattern search my site for that), but in reality the double tops often happen on an angled trendline, like shown here.  

The Peach line is a channel extension line equal to (4/3) to the (4/3) power.   That equation is often a "catch line.    It marks a deception overthrow of the yellow line which is the 4/3 channel extension which I have coined at the Bernoulli 133 or B133 for short.

Bottom line, short Cable

From Daneric

From Cobra

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  1. the baltic dry index was down before the market also in july(as it is now while equites have zoomed up)


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