Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leadership in question

On the link above, scroll down to picture of new governor in straw hat.    I had a feeling this wasn't going to be good, and unfortunately I was right.

Also look at the Governor's right hand man (on the left), in purple.   

Hawaii's Governor now has the lowest approval rating in the United States.   And in this age of rampant corruption throughout the system, that low is a real low.  

From legislator to executive.
That was the jump former Congressman Neil Abercrombie made last year when he sailed to victory as a candidate who listened to the people.
Once in office, something changed. The guy who crusaded as a congressman found himself having to lead as a governor.
It hasn't gone too well. We learned last week that the governor has the lowest approval rating in the nation.
Now the question is whether the governor will listen to what the public is saying.
The Civil Beat Poll, just completed on Sunday night, delivers a strong message: 63 percent of likely voters said that the governor is doing a worse job than they expected when he was elected last November. Just 15 percent said he was doing a better job, with 14 percent saying his performance was what they expected (that doesn't necessarily mean they approve of it) and 8 percent unsure.
The automated telephone poll of 1,152 likely voters was conducted on Oct. 20 and 23. The sampling margin of error is +/- 3 percent.
"I feel like Richard FariƱa — 'I've been down so long it feels like up to me,'" the governor told Civil Beat in an interview Wednesday, quoting the '60s folksinger.

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