Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free BPT Monday Newsletter

Posting this up halfway through Tuesday, Enjoy
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  1. hi ya, steveo, what's happening? i like the look of the blog, it's nice and clean. looks like you've had commenting problems but they're fixed? but i remember that even before that, you were thinking of packing it in on the blog because comments had just dried up. i wonder if that's kind of symptomatic on the trading blogs these days--if a lot of people have just been whipsawed to death and just can't take it anymore.

    i'm still hanging in. not giving up, no way, daddy-o! hope you're well and i plan to start coming by more often again. hope you're still getting the traffic, even if comments aren't what they used to be.

  2. Fortunately I have 2 large business ventures going so I have an excuse to not hawk over this ramp o matic tape too much!
    I still don't get email alert on scomments and responses, tried everything.

    I guess what can you expect from free services.

    Tim Knight offered to let me use his comment system that he had his programmers make, might try that, if Disqus (aka disgust craps out again)

  3. Indeed, whipsaw maximus.  I think only very short term timeframes have worked for me.    Make $5k give 4k back, lousy way to spend time.   Or make $5k give 6 K back, even worse way to trade.


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