Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Put call super high

 When Cable goes up, so does US Equities

For just over  Billion, you too can buy a superpower government.    The sad part is that trillions of potential productive worth and real wealth building were destroyed, and the future prospects of real organic growth were squandered for payout worth less than .01% of that lost.     Talk about a "2 bit whore" operation---this is it.


  1. It really is sickening Steveo.  Politicians lying to us and prostituting themselves for both the warfare state and welfare state.
    But unsustainable things do not last forever.
    Time to load up on gold and farmland.



  2. Farmland in a bubble farming is tough, got Farm?

    got some Gold, not sure the deflationist argument is going to apply to gold in a quasi madmax world.

  3. Steveo...this administration would likely delist GLD if it really starts rallying

  4. GLD is like any other sort of wealth based upon electrons


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