Friday, November 11, 2011

Internet is really slow, USD futures in a bullish falling wedge

One good thing about Hawaii, really fast internet.
There are more cables between Hawaii and California, than between East Coast and Europe, in terms of bandwidth.  

Not today though.    The internet was terribly slow, to the point that my trading software is almost unusable.   It sticks, hangs, shows wrong price and time.   Can't set stops or move them.   Really bad.   

Must be the sunspot thing.  

Also a full moon, just saying.   And that aircraft carrier size comet that whipped by closer than the moon.  YU55 I believe.   

Steve from Breakpoint Trades came up with a theory that we might form a three white soldiers candle pattern after that big drop.   3 days of trudging upward, killing any old and new bears.   That pattern terminates in another big down candle.   

As a Psy Ops...that would be perfectly evil.  

Bullish on USD, Bearish on US Equities

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  1. So much for being bearish...because we all know when the ECB prints billions of euros, the dollar falls...wait, no, what?

    Is this the new math???


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