Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bearish Backtest

We could go to 1150 or even 1050 on the S&P500 very quickly after this near perfect backtest

Currencies have lots of air underneath them too

We are all going to miss Jobs

When Apple is done, probably the whole market is done.


  1. Excellent analysis Steveo.

  2. Iggy posted this link at TK's.
    it's funny!!!

  3. I tend to think the AAPL dump is a sneak preview also.

    Waiting for the EPIC FAIL.

  4. Oh and it will be epic.    thanks for stopping in!

  5. Bears being tested today.
    Of the puts I put on before the big drop, they are now even or even negative profit.   Amazing they can move the market this much just to destroy the bears, but hey, this game is after all, for all the money in the world.


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