Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gold, a heck of a triangle

Something has to give, I will go long the ticker.

Assume Bernanke is buying Euro bonds, saving Europe.  Euro will go up, USD will go down.   US Equities will go up, and Gold will go up somewhat, but the reduction in "fear" will limit it's immediate rise.


  1. Agreed. Moreover, the miners are undervalued compared to spot gold, so stocks like RGLD are likely to outperform.  I'd wait for a break above $82ish for confirmation though.

  2. You got a great site BTW, I like the article on sentiment, although I was surprised not to see put call ratio?

  3. Thanks.  Good point on the put:call.  I've personally not used it that often so it slipped my mind as I wrote the article.  It's a valid way to measure sentiment though, so perhaps I'll have to update the post. 


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