Friday, December 9, 2011

Long and Strong and some BPT Trade Ideas

This market is tricky, but keep in mind the Financial Industry IS STILL in control of the Government and the markets.    Just because more and more people recognize this fact, does not change the fact.   It may take quite a bit of real pain (aka blood) before this situation is changed.

The Bankster's want their bonuses, they have gotten used to them.    Santa rally is one of the best seasonal trends.    Why fight the 80,000 pound gorilla, dance with it?

Don't read too much media, it is mostly now meant to deceive.   Don't listen to TV at all, I don't even own a TV, not joshing you either.

And join Breakpoint Trades, using the link on my blog, because they rock, and you can make more using their trade ideas on "unknown tickers" than trying to beat the super computers that run wallstreet.

Another FACT:   Profits on options and futures on indices are ALL taxed at long term capital gains rates.   Even if held for 2 minutes.    This is massive!    That is why the best computers are set to game indices.

It is easier to make money playing individual tickers, IF YOU HAVE THE TIME.


  1. From the write up one can assess that the writer has huge experience in trading.

  2. From the write up one can assess that the writer has huge experience in trading

  3. i've reposted some of the info on my tip jar research at my site. 

    there's also links there for around 20-30 movies being broadcast on youtube for free!!!

    google search has a total blackout on the subject!!!

  5. I like "playing" the market as I get to bring a
    pair of loaded dice to the game and nobody EVER calls me on it! rofl!

  6. Steveo, check out Heating Oil futures.  Looks like a giant egg could be sitting on top of the daily chart over the past 6 months or so.  I can't remember where to find it in my TA software to draw an egg for you. But I just observe it on  Anyway, it looks like it has one last leg  up to touch the egg prior to falling big to the downside away from it.  Looks like it has 2-4 weeks left perhaps?  Heating Oil has been very good at spotting tops and bottoms over the past 6 months That could potentially coincide with the 78.6 retracement on the S&P as well as a gap fill on the VIX from 7/11, around 17ish.

    Whatcha think??

  7. Here it is.  No2. Heating Oil composite.

  8. Thats a great egg, although long in the tooth.  thanks for posting we love charts here.

  9. This triangle is just about finished

  10. HI steveo, i need your help.
    check out this paypal and amazon donate page---
    how does she do this?
    i've looked at the html source code for clues----
    where else can i look for info?
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