Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nice move down to the Bernoulli 177 of the Triangle Legacy Line

Former Resistance is now acting as support, This 30 point ES drop is IMHO a gift to those wanting to position long.

Keep in mind, this is warfare, warfare over money.   And Deception and Boldness are two of the major components of a war campaign.    To win, you either need to have great power (HBB), control the media, control the governement, have super powers of seeing the future.....


You need to see the deception and roll with it, dance with the 800 lb Gorilla
Use lines that no one else is using (Bernoulli)
Be Lucky (good luck with that)

There are three common moves up

Shock and Awe....leaving the bears in the headlights, leaving them "knowing" that it was a "fake move"

Frog Boil....keep them in their short positions as the market does the meat grinder upward with an occasional big move down to keep them salivating, keep them in their positions.   Late in late night futures a real ramp up with a gap and camp strategy.   The bears then need the "camp" strategy to wear them down mentally and time wise.

A fake out to the upside

Organic growth (yeah right, wait until 2016 for that)


  1. This is the most difficult market I have traded in.
    Went long recently but am nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

  2. I got chewed up a bit today going long too early, when stops are popped money evaporates quickly, seems like much more quickly than when the trade is going your way.    Treacherous market for sure, I have some big profit runs, and then close all positions and wait for clarity.

  3. All i can say...and I've said it before Steveo.....ur calls are uncanny to say the least.

  4. Being in tune with this sick market worries me, but I WILL bank the profit.


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