Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wed Egg Launch Setup

You know, "they" are experts at kicking the can, eventually it won't kick, but like support or resistance it is most probabilistic to expect the resistance to hold, or the can to kick,  than to assume the opposite.

A Euro area stick save could be just what the Doctor ordered.

SPX priced in Gold demands it

Low Put Call Demands it


  1. hi steveo,
    i have a question for you and all the readers here!!!
    if there were a button you could click, that allowed one to
    give 0.25-$1 over a safe and secure payment system to any blogger or commenter,
    would you use the button?

  2. Lets see what people say, or do.
    buying from advertisers has the same effect, is that what you mean?

    It would be nice to get my Stockcharts and Elliot Rag Theorist paid for

  3. see how disqus puts a like button on your comment?
    if i like your comment, and click "like" on this other button i found, you get 0.25 cents from me.
    the "like" payment is sent thru twitter, then processed at an online site i found, and then deposited at the same site, which you can login too, and transfer your money to your bank account or to paypal.
    it's caught on HUGE in Germany, now it's going global...

  4. I likey,
    can you provide link for more information?


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