Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pearl Harbor Attack

I recieved this email from a friend in Hawaii.   This was written before 1947.   My friends grandfather was flying a small plane for recreational enjoyment on Dec 7, 1941, flying over Honolulu as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (and the rest of Oahu) began.

Very interesting slice of life here.    3 pages.   What is very interesting also is the "denial".    They landed their plane during the attack, got out, moved 30 planes to seperate them in case of a further attack, and then drove to the police to inform them of the attack, and the police basically laughed at them, in denial that we could have been attacked. 

Read it.   Drop a comment. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    Peace to you all.

  2. (PS - found via a commenter on ZeroHedge.com)


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