Friday, December 2, 2011

History in the Making - Bataan Death March Survivor

This guy recently passed on.   He lived through the Bataan Death March.   

Interestingly, in 1942, there was a rare "single bottom" rally in the stock market, which coincidentally occured in the midst of massive bad news, like the Bataan Death March.    Also, for the US, a bit of good news, the Doolittle raid also occurred at that time.    It seems like 2009 also had a single bottom, these are unusual.   Many bears in 2009 assumed that the more likely double bottom would occur.    Instead the market went on to a 100% rally, leaving bears crushed in the dust, yearning for the excitement of the huge earnings they had just experienced.

Here is a timeline I did a while back, seems very topical now, with the passing of Mr. Albert Brown.


  1. Steveo,
    ST Correction coming

  2. Reviewing your work, AND looking at my other indicators, I tend to agree, we are ripe, HOWEVER the trickiest thing the market could do would be to rocket up another 5%, bear in the headlights of an oncoming train.

  3. Steveo,
    I am never suprised by anything Mr. Mkt does.  Anything can happen. It is our jobs to try and limit our risk exposure
    by using methods that work a percentage of the time. My osc has not turned doewn yet. Si if the mkt continues to rally there is no sell signal


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