Friday, December 2, 2011

Ho Hum, another Total Lunar Eclipse, NOT

There is a total lunar eclipse coming up.   They can be real good photo op's, sometimes turning blood red.   Whenever the sun or the moon goes away, triggers some very primordial instincts.    But Humans are above all that, RIGHT?   

Humans are perhaps the biggest of the "Pack Animals".   Humans are interesting because their ego requires them to see themselves as "above the animals".   Partly this is because when you have the intelligence to develop Relativity Physics, see into the DNA of ourselves, and yet spend 75% of all bandwidth on the internet watching porn, there is a conflict between reality and perception.    This is the start of insanity, the building up of little lies, snowballing into bigger lies to prevent having to face and admit reality.   One reader had expressed this as "Insane Hairless Monkeys".

Einsteen had it wrong.    He stated that insanity is doing the same action over and over and expecting different results.

That is not insanity, that is stupidity.  Insanity is a whole different thing.    Perhaps for Einstein his greatest fear would have been losing the ability to pre-conceive cause and effect relationships, and his second greatest fear was losing his mind, so he put them together as meaning the same thing.   

So it is funny to watch Humans pretending to be non-animals, "above all the animals".    It is funny to see humans denying that the moon or some sun spots could affect their behavior.    Ignorance and denial helps promulgate these series of little lies that help Humans see themselves above the animals as a matter of type, and not just a matter of degree.

Enjoy the moon, it is a gift.


  1. I'm late to the comment party, but you really said a mouthful here. There's a strong connection to this and religion, but I'll try to avoid offending anyone with that. 

    Nicely put, Steveo, nicely put.


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