Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cartels going forward.


You know like various trade representations, unions, etc.    Expect all these cartels to "go to the wall" to try to control their little piece of the "cheese".    Figure out how to isolate yourself from the effect of these cartels as much as possible.  

Lawyers, expect the courts and laws to throw more issues into the hands of roaming packs of Lawyers trying to get theirs from a decreasing pie.   Disputes, mediation, nothing will ever go to trial.    Your right to a trial will be replaced a choice of endless bureaucracy that you will have to pay for in certain court fees AND lawyer costs, or having a set of lawyers decide your fate and they will be exempted from all legal action against them even for gross negligence, and the government will also be off the hook even if they screw up badly.  

Unions - expect more picketing, more fighting and strikes. 

Trade unions like plumbers and electricians.   They have created quite the unique niche for themselves and expect even little thing like changing your toilet will require a "licensed professional" to "protect the next person who might buy your house" to provide proof that they changed your toilet at a $250 or other insane price like that.   Want independent "solar electric" power for your house, well you  should definitely use a qualified electrician, this ain't child's play.    However, expect your cost for solar PV to be much more higher as trade unions sway the laws to prevent anyone but a licensed electrician from touching any solar panel or rack.   Instead of a $60 charge out rate, you will be getting $105 to $145 per hour cost. 

Public unions which are in bed with the legislators that feed them and vice versa.   Expect more private activities to be brought into the fold of "public run" in order to bring costs down.   Yeah right.    That will help maintain their bloated size.

Realtors -- Quite the cartel there.    There is a legal requirement to use a real estate agent (and really it goes beyond that to being a "real estate broker") to sell a property.     Little known that you can also use just an attorney to file the necessary papers with the local government.    However the cartel wants to charge you like 5% or 6% for the "largest investment of your life".    Quite the American Dream they have created, and they do not function as "agents", agents meaning that they only have your best intentions in mind in every one of their actions.    Most of them will sell you down the river to make the deal go through, and thus get paid.  Of course there are good ones too.

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