Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Contrarian FX

By the way, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, well those are all Main Street Media when it comes to markets.     They intend to deceive, they will publish the exact opposite of what you need to know.

Before a big Forex move, they will publish an article saying Forex is too dangerous or too boring to trade.    Read it


  1. Bears are throwing in the towel last two days. breakouts or breakdowns coming?  deck getting creamed....amzn starting to cream at the top!

  2.  Yep, I think ms market has screwed the bears stops a number of times, bored them with time, and bears have given up.  

    time for the drop, really.

  3. well the futes are RED. any stocks you see ready to implode? 

  4.  I have CA short and GDX long, a a few miners.  
    Also UNG long speculative

    But too busy to really trade

    oh EUro short too

  5. Wow, nice find on CA...looks like a topping process and>>>>>you thinking gap fill?

  6.  added new post
    shorting CA on expected H&S breakdown, and downside targets on Bernoulli channel and Fibo, could go much further.



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