Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flags ---i see them EVERYWHERE

For the big Endians among the crowd, some more eggtals, and the D5 just happened to catch it on an absurd peak today.    I don't know why, but puts and calls are very important to the market.   I have no idea of the dollar value of the actual put and calls compared to the cash equity values traded per day, and that would be an interesting stat, however ONE FACT REMAINs===options are important to the way the market moves.

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And don't click any ads because there aren't any.    I am depriving Google of profits and will short them next after Apple in a pop a mole fashion of market leaders going to rotating market tankers.  LOL

GOOGLE in their infinite wisdom, FORCED a new blog editor upon bloggers, and it doesn't work.     You cannot load pictures (charts) consistently.   What a joke, Google going the way of Microsoft.   brontos!

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  1. The jerks who create so many of the puts & calls never want to pay out. That's my Occam's razor answer and I'm stickin to it!

    As for GOOG, yeah, it's the typical Silicon Valley whatever you want and everyone will have to adjust. A side bidness of mine is Android apps, so I know that for damn sure.

    Looks like we're on the razor's edge again, 1399.98. What a bunch of BS. Got stopped out and was a spectator basically all day.


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