Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, I need a bar and I dont mean a candlestick

FRICK! freakin google, after 5 tries, i had to drop back into a 2008 HTML editor in order to get the pictures to finally post. What a pain, this is caused by a new editor that Google FORCED on bloggers, no choice on whether to upgrade or not. AND THEN the freakin thing doesn't work, now going on weeks! Gaming the Euro and ES has worked poorly for me lately.

Trading options on good setups (GDX for one, with an awesome multiyear egg bounce) and other small setups has been very good, overall net positive this week (that is 11 of 12 weeks net positive).

Also stacking physical coins, always a bit scary taking a pretty darn illiquid position in barbarous relics (yeah right), like the new "financial services engineering" is going to save the USA.

CHECK THIS chart of USA Goods versus Services, it really says alot.

Cannot post images SHEEESH

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