Friday, April 27, 2012

Gold Miners Tasty when Fried

Gold Miners been fried

And some are looking good.   Consider a membership at Breakpoint Trades, I occasionally share some of their stuff with permission, but what they have as a member is 10 times larger than what you see here. 

It is well worth it.    Use the link on the right side of this blog, As they credit me months for referrals.

You need Stockcharts for these

Here's an update on some of the better looking gold stocks
AEM - Chart Link - nice follow through on great volume as the ratio has been cleanly broken as well as the pattern.
AU - Chart Link - black candle, however the ratio trendline has been broken, now on a pullback, I'd like to see a higher low formed
AUQ - Chart Link - nice bounce today, but now is testing the downtrend line of the wedge pattern
AZK - Chart Link - NICE move today on good volume.  Again as I stated in my newsletter, this one stood out before because it had already broken the AZK/GLD ratio and has been out performing relative to gold for a while
BVN - Chart Link - nice bounce off the trendline support
HL - Chart Link - nice bounce, testing the trendline as well as the ratio trendline
MDW - Chart Link - low priced one and the ratio trendline has now been broken


  1. Good week..earnings plays bonanzas this week.....AAPL, DECK, and AMZN....all on the right side....for once....on option plays. Took a rather large position on PRU $62.50 callers for earnings release on Wednesday. Maybe make it four in a row...doubt it. Took jun puts on CA and callers on GDX. Maybe up until Wed then.......FLUSH!

  2.  Excellent, I would have had a great week except for being worked over on the Euro trade which I was right on, but just ramped against so perfectly, they banged my stop to within .0005 4 times.   Disgusting.   

  3. nothing but games


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