Monday, April 23, 2012

Think like a thief.

The Bernank speaks tomorrow `12:30

I predict he will be somewhat dour, talking about serious challenges ahead.....setting up a sell in May drop of 8 to 14%,

Which then sets the Bernank up for a stick save, election save.  QE4


  1. believe home builders, even off of DR Horton earnings, are a tell as to a number of "dour" remarks I expect from Benark.........may even scare the AAPL holders...if u get my drift. Aloha Bra

  2.  Got it, if they need to rationalize their actions any more they can probably spin it to themselves as "we helped deflate a bubble run"....controlled economy, the Wizard of Oz

  3. Totally agree here Steveo.
    Market tanks 100 points on the S&P, then the Bernank presses his magic button to save the economy and the Obama presidency.
    Oh the tangle web they weave.


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