Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Da Moon

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On May 6th I had this to say about the moon cycle....and some really cool moon pictures too, shot by yours truly.

 Sometimes the market are totally in tune with the moon, they haven't been for a long long time, way longer than usually.

On June 16th I posted

Moon Shot

Funny how I posted this, and it was so true, as soon as something becomes stops working 

New moon soon, time for moon to start working again

Here is the link

And back in October I thought the moon would take a break again --here was my basis

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Peter Dag and the Moon

Hey, I love the stuff that Dag does....simple, business cycle stuff, and it is never "different this time".  But when ol' Dag starts pointing out the moon thing, I got to think maybe moon is going to take a break for a while.

Ya need proof---here is the post

Well, the moon kind of "snook" back into play.    See some of my previous posts on moon cycle likely to come back into  vogue

Coming up July 4th moon, just when retail is ready to jump in long, fearing that they could miss the run into the presidential cycle....note to self....take profits on Tuesday, be ready to buy back long on Friday or Monday after retail been b-slapped.   HBB just loves doing the lions chasing the antelope in the tall brush where their buddies lay in wait.

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