Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Suzy and the Lemonade Stand

That was great…very cute video of Suzy making a Lemonade Stand.

Susie's Lemonade Stand

Here is my business cynics take on maybe generating a laugh….

1. She got a permit for that stand?
2. A State sales tax license?
3. Federal tax license/ ID number.
4. FDA approval and local health inspection?
5. TB testing? 6. Street Vendor license?
7. Traffic control plan?
8. OSHA safety plan?
9. Insurance?
10. Waste disposal and recycling plan?
11. Independent contractor status agreement for deliveries?
12. Compliant with child labor laws?
13. Ready to send out 1099’s to suppliers?
14. Of course there is no “failure to maintain business records”?
15. I sure hope she didn’t rip off those lemons by hiding them inside the backpack on the way out.
16. Certified arborist to make sure she wasn’t setting up by any noxious weeds or endangered species.

Good to see that capitalism is alive and well in the good ol’ USA.

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