Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spotted on a Slope

Spotted on the Slope of Hope

The powers that be have placed two men in front of us, they will split the "issues" close enough that voter count will be 52 to 48% or thereabouts.   Their lies will be about equal.   Their vested interest backing will be about equal, although different types.   They will not have you in mind when policy is made, with handouts made to those on the edge to prevent them from picking up the pitchforks.

Given that Obama, the constitutional lawyer, has raped the constitution and the rule of law, my vote will be clearcut.   A possible OK is far better than a known bad.   Obama has the gift of speech, or at least used to, but beyond that I can see no redeeming features.   The gift of speech was also strong with Reagan, but at least with Reagan, you had the idea that he harbored strong beliefs that were also in sync with the best interests of the old America, and not 99% generated by "handlers".

Indeed, America has drifted far from the laws that were supposed to reign in the possible "capture" of America.   Drifted far from the implied contract that citizens could decide to invest their lives and labor in this country, thinking that there would be civil rights and the rule of law, and that saving for the future could make the near term hard work worth it.   Instead those who have worked hard and saved are targets.  Targets of everyone who see a big pot and wants a piece of it.    Targets of government debt default through increase in monetary supply to rob the savers and encourage the drunken sailors.   Targets of a flawed legal system where the lawyers get rich in out of court "mediations" because the justice system has become so dysfunctional that everyone, especially the judges try every trick in the book, including extortion in order to allow the lawyers to pick the bones of both sides in the "out of the court system" scenarios in which the lawyers have absolutely zero liability and accountability and can be completely incorrect in use of the law and still walk away with the loot scot-free.

We could probably go on for a few dozen pages like this, however, the main point is that until fundamental changes are made, it seems like it will take a good hard look into the world of Mad Max before the average sheeple will be forced into a changed way to operate and look at things.    In other words, these changes seem to be have to be forced upon us under conditions of extreme pain and upheaval.  

Neither of these men placed in front of us can accomplish the task of just "working our way out of this".   

That said, I do feel prepared enough that when the shit hits the fan that I think me and my family and some select friends who are like minded will come out of this all, not just OK, but better than ever.   However, there is also the good chance that we take some serious hits while going through this "process" including untimely death.   I think those odds are like 4% to 8% for me, and yes I am pissed at those who have brought us to this stage on their watch, even in their plans.

I also appreciate the chance that Big Ben gives us by printing a few more trillion or maybe even 30 more trillion, as this gives us more time to prepare, and where strategic alliances can be formed and strengthened, to educate.   I thank you Ben, as I hate your little ego driven shot at fame that the handlers have given you to implement your academic theories, whilst taking the largest risks of all just to prove that "you were right".

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