Thursday, October 4, 2012

XXIA acting as predicted (ie hoped)

We published this one yesterday.  XXIA   Big winner so far.   Expected a retrace.

It's a BPT trade idea, but I drew the lower line which indicated the bottom side of the pattern, and I jumped in long INSIDE THE PATTERN.

Stop was set at 9 period moving average...and is shown in the first chart from yesterday.

If you set your stop right below the lower trandline, it would have been taken out this morning, they love doing that....sweep the stops right before a relative whale moves in with a 250,000 share purchase.

Here is my post from yesterday, just so you believe me

This stock is not that thinly traded, although on alot of the small stocks, it is hard to trade even $100k without moving the market a little, but more importantly, becoming a stop target.

And yes, Virginia, "they" do know where all the stops are hiding.    In reality, this is a joke that this is allowed to continue as if a free market.    The HAL20000's definitely can calculate the elasticity curve of -- add this much money, get a temporary move, stop sweep, and sell at top or short at top, and then go long again on the pullback. 

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