Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving lets do it!

Lets give thanks that we know what is going on.

1) we watch ZERO TV
2) we watch charts
3) we understand human nature
4) we know that easy money has created the mother of all bubbles
5) we know that China is now a "playa" but they are a communist centrally controlled country where corruption is rampant, and everyone plays business like underwater kick to the kidneys is considered legal as long as you dont get cited. 
 6) The Euro was created to allow power consolidation in Europe
7) The fiscal cliff is a marketing scam to ease people into the idea that you are now about to be effed. 
8) We have an apple pie recipe to kill for, but prefer to give it out for free so we don't get killed.

And we can get a 23 pound free Turkey at Safeway for buying $100 of stuff we need anyway.

Actually, we are cooking 4 turkeys this week....all at great prices, great food for human and dog.  


  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family SteveO.

  2. Cynicysm and reality...I like it!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Steveo


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