Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dollar getting Hammered and Operating Systems

It seems like AUD could be at a stopping point, as a commodity country in a time frame where it makes sense for commodities to go down, and with China restricting lending, time will tell. I haven't bet this short but have an alert set upon weakness.

The ol' Buck is taking a beating and looks like a bear flag formed also. Neo-classic theory of correlation would imply futures to be up an equal amount, and they are up a bit, but not nearly proportional. Interesting, and keep an eye on it.

The second chart below shows the last 500 readers of Hawaii Trading geographically, and then listed by the operating system they use. XP and NT rule the roost, as these are pretty stable systems. Vista is a resource hog, and has other issues, MSFT (not to be confused with MS Morgan Stanley, whom is under review as a short). Vista will probably be replaced with a new OS pretty soon. I installed Vista on one business computer and had significant problems with some software working at all.

Here is recent link on suggested practices for computer stability and backup.

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