Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nuclear Perspective

Every 100 tons of water is 25,000 gallons to keep things in perspective at Fukushima Nuclear

At Chernobyl there was a fire, an explosion and radioactive material was exploded and ejected over miles.    They used 600,000 liquidators to pickup much of this radioactive material.  

Sure at this point the Tera-Bequerels were reported higher at Chernobyl, however, much of the release was picked up.   No doubt, Europe was blasted with radiation neverthless.

At nuclear test sites from the 1950's the fish around there are still not safe to eat.
Check this link for many nuclear disasters, most of which were "disappeared news".   The general playbook is to try and cover up...."they" seems to do it all the time.,1518,756369,00.html

Here-in "lies" the big idfference between Chernobyl and Fukushima, much of the Fukushima radiation has gone directly in the air, floating over the Pacific for the most part lucky for Japan with the winds, and much has gone directly into the ocean via direct runoff or groundwater spillage/leakage/seepage.

Cesium has a half life of 30 years and Cesium bio-accumulates.   It doesn't go away.   In 60 years, 25% of it will still be present in the environment, spread out over the whole globe, much in fish, which will eventually end up in other critters.   That sucks.    Dumping radioactive water in the ocean is a crime.   Why didn't they ask the US military to Huey in 100 plastic water tanks at 20,000 gallons each.   Even that "low level"radiation is still radiation.

And the other big lie is "DISPERSION".    Even those "dillution" will take effect as the radiation rolls out into the ocean, all of the individual particles of radation will still be there and will bio-acculate in sea plants and fishes, and eventually get into OUR food chain.   

DISPERSION is a big lie....a terrible lie being pimped out to make the general public feel less fear, or even feel justified that "see nuclear isn't that bad, the earth is resilient"

If you haven't checked my favorite compilation of nuclear resources, check it out here, many links and important original work and research.


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