Monday, September 12, 2011

Trade Idea

I haven't been pushing Breakpoint Trades because BPT has not been pushing BPT....instead, waiting for trade setups to re-emerge after the big drop.

Here is a long from BPT, check them out and sign up through link on my site as it defray my cost of membership, and cost you nothing more.


  1. Thanks for chart. I am afraid BPT has gone darkside on you.

    I read that as max retrace double fib fan hit.

    I may be wrong but that thing made a 100+% move in less than a month

    I shorted PANL on the slam dunk bullish breakout. (ITM Puts)

    Shorted AAPL and BIDU this AM earlier on long term weakness by my charts

    My only long is CSCO with a stop at 15.40

    Way short PM's also from Aug 22 high, they are taking their time

    Doom egg is nearing breakline down, I'll take chance on massive drop potential here


  2. Uh, it actually ran up 8.5% today ???
    Agreed, fine to take profits on the long side, and could play short for retrace to the breakout point, this thing could run 15% in a week.   However, suggest you actually post a chart if you want to add anything to the conversation.


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