Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bucky ready to rock

We live in exciting times.  

Governments are struggling for their own survival, and they will go to the wall.
The Military is tired of being used for political purpose.

Gold is ready to rock upward, but so is Bucky.   And Euro is ready to swoon.

That can only happen and mean one thing for it to occur.

Some serious shit is about to hit the fan.   A real Black Swan that has been kept out of sight.   

Ready to land in your front yard and shit up the place.   Odds of a real black swan on any particular day in "normal history" maybe .2%.     Odds of a Black Swan coming home to roust now?    I would say 20% to 30%.     Are you ready?  

Kind of ready to stack some more gold and silver and platinum, but having trouble believing that Bucky and Gold rock at the same time.  

The Bucky chart and the Euro Chart agree.   Cable may have also reached a blow off top of it's own.

They MUST save Spain at any cost or the "cost" will be a loss of credibility in the Fiat Ponzi.    What if they can't save Spain or it turns into a veritable war of sorts, Germany stomping back to the Mark, trade wars, gold functioning as SDR's.  


  1. interesting charts   thanks

  2. Steve, wouldn't put it past the EU, in an emergency move, to suddenly lower interest rates.

  3.  Anything is possible, I still want to see those negative interest rates....hey if you hold this money, I will pay you, but if it goes down a boatload ill just let you keep it and have you indebted in some other way for the original value....hehe

  4.  Thanks, feel free to post up some of your own, or email to me and I will post.




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