Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blimp Swat Down and VIX Shenanighans

 From yesterday, an amazing march upward


  1. Always fun to see some kooky spikes on the VIX.

    I'd guess they'll be erased by the exchanges 'soon', at least thats normally what happens.

  2. Always fun to see market tanking when I have puts, LOL

  3. I didn't realise a 0.4% overnight drop in the ES qualified as 'market tanking'.

    Reminds me of when ZH called the late December drop on a Friday a 'bloodbath'. The market had fallen 1%. sigh.

    Near term target are the low sp'1730s, so..your puts should be up 30/60% or so..depending on strike/month..of course.

  4. IN the QE world, thats tanking dude!
    I meant the 1773 to 1753 drop, which is still barely over 1%


  5. okay, i'll concede that.

    At least you're short from near the top.
    Most will have been incessantly shorting since the 1646 low, and I can't see market below 1700 for remainder of the year.

    Put holders need to preferably bail ahead of the weekend, with a VIX spike in the 15/16s.

  6. I am using that channel to show overbought. Three taps at the top seems like a good turn point for a temporary pullback

  7. well, from all I've seen across the last few days, 1730s look a fair target. I suppose 1710..even a test of the 1700 psy' level, but really, even that looks unlikely.

    New QE schedule issued tomorrow afternoon, another 45bn of benny bux to take the edge of any sell side pressure in early November, before the thanksgiving ramp..and then...Santa.

    Nasty market. only another 1.9yrs to wait.



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